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Critical security vulnerabilities are on the rise. The current approach to mitigating vulnerabilities, where IT teams blindly chase for relevant exposure information without understanding the connections, dependencies and gaps in your applications, is inefficient. An AI-powered approach to taking on vulnerabilities is the way to go to stay competitive. Learn how IBM Roja leverages the power of gen AI to help you easily find and patch security and vulnerability gaps in your applications. In this session, we’ll show you how IBM Roja can help your organization become: 

  • More efficient by automatically prioritizing vulnerabilities based on impact to an application and providing concrete suggestions about what to do. 
  • More effective with a natural language interface and interactive dashboards which allow teams to explore how vulnerabilities emerged over time. 
  • More proactive by showing the security and compliance risk of application development decisions before they make it into your codebase. 

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Ben Ball

Product Manager, GTM


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10:35AM - Day 1

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